Industrial and Commercial Roof Restoration

Tile roof restoration is the most cost-effective way to revitalise old or damaged tile roofs. It involves cleaning, repairing and re-coating roofs. Roof restorations are the best way to extend the longevity of your roof and to ensure your roof is safe and weather-proof.

Commercial Roof Restoration BrisbaneHow do you know if your building needs a roof restoration?

  • your roof looks old
  • the colour of your roof is fading
  • parts of the roof are rotting, rusting or breaking off
  • your roof is damaged

Even roofs with minor damage can quickly degenerate to cause further problems in the future.

Upgrade the performance of your current roof system and it’s components with our highly-experienced team. Bayside Roof Restorations specialises in industrial roof restoration and commercial roof restoration. We offer our services to every area in Brisbane, and from Logan up to Caboolture and Sunshine Coast.

Your roof will be restored to world class standards while you enjoy saving time, money, and a revitalised look for your building.

Our Commercial, Industrial and Apartment Tile Roof Restoration Services

We only complete a full restoration if it is necessary. First, we look at the extent of damage or ageing to determine whether your roof requires a simple repair or a full restoration.

We offer the following roof restoration services:

  1. Replace & Repair:
    • broken tiles
    • loose screws valley runs

We match replacement tiles to your original roof tiles.

Repointing Ridge Caps – capping with a flexible pointing to create a watertight seal, and ridge security, to secure your roof through heavy winds. Ridge capping needs to be maintained every 7 to 10 years. In fact, did you know if your Ridge capping isn’t maintained that your insurance company may not cover you through storm damage? Ridge capping falls under maintenance issue for tiled roofs, which requires them to be maintained every 7 to 10 years.

2. High Pressure Cleaning –  to give your roof a refreshed, gleaming appearance.

3. Prep Wash –  essential to inhibiting mould and mildew.

4. Commercial Roof Painting / Recoating –  1 coat of sealer and 2 top coats.

Why Your Roof Needs a Restoration:

  1. Save time and money. Restoring a roof is considerably cheaper and easier than replacing the entire roof.
  2. Add value to your property. Your roof will look better, making it more attractive to prospective buyers.
  3. Increase the longevity of your roof. Prep wash coating kills and prevents mould or mildew which can eat away at roofing material. Your roof lasts longer and looks cleaner. This service is essential for buildings with rain water tanks as it helps to remove impurities in water run-off, improving the quality and purity of the water.
  4. Prevent roof tiles from getting water logged. Inhibits roof tiles from absorbing water when it rains heavily.
  5. Protect your roof from storm damage. Re-pointing ridge caps prevents them from being ripped off during a storm or in strong winds. This will improve the safety of your roof and home to protect your family from the effects of extreme weather.

If your roof is worn or damaged, give us a call – we would love to have a chat about your restoration options and answer any of your questions.

Our Brisbane Commercial Roof Tilers are dedicated to providing the best service to you, to help save you time and money, while adding value to your property.

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