Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common ones..

How many days does it take?

It takes two to three days to do a full roof restoration.

  • First day we high pressure clean roof, re-point. and re-bed, change and replace any broken tiles
  • Second day we solvent seal the roof
  • Third day we paint two coats of 962 membrane

How Long before I can get on my roof?

You can get on the roof after 7 days.

Do we have to move out?

No, you do not have to leave the premises!

Why is restoring your roof so important?

Your roof is your most valuable asset, by having your roof restored your protecting it from many elements, did you know a roof restoration can instantly add value to your home, not only can tiles become porous, and brittle and the pointing on the ridge capping cracks over time which may cause leaks, having your roof restored protects not only your home but your family too.

Will it increase the value of my home?

Spending a few thousand dollars on painting and restoring your roof can from $10,000 to $20,000 to your home’s value.

What sort of products do you use?

We pride ourselves in using DULUX Acratex products. We are specialist applicators.

Will it make my tank water cleaner?

Yes it will, as the particles and dirt washing off your roof into the tank will be dramatically reduced.

Do i have to take in my washing, or remove any cars or boats off the property?

Yes, it is very important to take in any washing you may have off the line, also may be a great idea to let your neighbors no also, as for cars parking them across the street or further down the road would be much appreciated, why? Because there may be over spray although this is rare, we just like to take precautions as due to weather on the day, slight breezes can cause a light over spray.