Tile Roof Painting

Painting the tiles on your roof is a great way to give your whole house a lift.

Roof Painting - Brisbane Bayside, Redlands

You might be surprised how much difference a newly painted roof can make to the overall look, feel, appeal, and value of your house.

If you’re thinking about painting your tile roof, getting a professional to do it can make all the difference. How? By making sure the job is done to the highest possible standard, and that you get the best value for money out of your new-look roof.

At Bayside Roof Repairs and Restorations, our tile roof painters can take care of all your roof-spraying needs. We’ll work with you every step of the way to deliver a quality product you’ll love.

We also paint single story metal roofs and gutters up to 2.4m

Specialist Roof Painters

Want someone who will do a first-rate job? We have a team with over 44 years’ experience in the industry.

Bayside Roof Repair and Restoration have completed many roof-painting jobs in the greater Brisbane area, and have an excellent customer satisfaction rating.

Find out more about Todd and the Bayside Roofing team.

What paint do we use?

We use the best paint on the market. This ensures you have a long lasting product that looks great.

We use Dulux Acra-tex roof membrane, Industrial Roof Coatings roof protect membrane, and Globalcote membrane. They also come with a 10-12 year guarantee. So you can rest assured that you won’t have to turn around in a few years and redo your metal roof all over again. Not unless a cyclone hits, anyway.

Benefits of using Bayside Roof Repair and Restoration

DIY and ‘home handyman’ painting jobs are fine if that’s what you’re after, but they also end up looking like DIY-jobs, and professionals can spot them a mile away.

When you hire a specialist roof company like Bayside Roof Repair and Restoration, we make sure that:

  • you get the right colours (e.g. to compliment or highlight other parts of your house)
  • you get quality paint products that will last
  • you and your family are safe during the painting process
  • you end up with a finished product that your friends and neighbours will rave about.

Contact our roof painters today to discuss our roof painting services.

Roof Painting - Brisbane Bayside, Redlands

Gutter painting

As part of our range of roof painting services, we offer gutter painting. Getting the colour and look of your gutter right is important, as this is often the first part of your roof that people see.

For a quote on gutter painting, contact us today.

Roof Re-painting and restoration

Perhaps your roof needs a little more than just a new coat of paint? No problem, we’re tile roof repair and restoration specialists. We restore your tile roof prior to re-painting.

To discuss our roof restoration services, contact us.

Colorbond roof colours

If your roof needs an overhaul, we can replace it with Colorbond steel. These products come in a range of classic and contemporary colours inspired by the Australian landscape.

See the full list of Colorbond roof colours.

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If you’d like to get a quote on our tile roof spray-painting services, or you’d like to discuss your options, contact us today.

We love helping customers get the new roof they’ve been dreaming of.